Claiming back VAT

If the person that is to use the Astex PristineAllergy Bedding has been diagnosed with asthma then they are entitled to be charged VAT at 0%, which means an incredible 20% saving on our normal prices. To benefit from this, the user, (or in the case of a minor, the responsible adult) just needs to complete the HMRC declaration (this link will take you to it) and return it to us.

Please also note that when completing the purchase on line, select the VAT0 code and this will deduct the VAT from the final total. Because of the system we use for this shopping cart we are unable to set the products up with a 0% VAT so we have to do it this way round.

We will despatch your order as soon as we have received the signed declaration back. If you wish to complete it on line, fill it in and then email it back to us at from an email address that you are directly associated with.

If you have any further queries then please telephone us in 01453 833345 or email us on